Corporate Travel Management

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Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travellers can make use of the self-booking online tool, myBiz, to travel in a convenient way around the country for business purposes and save plenty on corporate travel. myBiz is fast becoming the most preferred corporate travel solution online as it has helped save about 7 crores in business travel expenses for over 4000 companies in the country.


Corporate travel management

myBiz significantly minimizes the cost and provides the best of corporate travel management options by finding the best deals and offers for a company’s travel expenses. Travel expenses, prior to the GST implementation, were higher as most companies booked through offline travel agents and it comprised most of the corporate company’s expenditure. Corporate travellers by booking flights and hotels through myBiz can benefit because of the GST implementation once their companies shift to the online system. The myBiz app maintains a thorough report on the financial controls of a company that makes corporate travel arrangements convenient even for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The corporate travel portal saves a lot of time on booking flights and hotels by providing automated approvals.


Corporate travel hotel

Corporate travellers can book over 2000 hotels in the country through the online corporate travel agency, myBiz, and get the best corporate travel discounts. The discount coupons while booking hotels for corporate travel come with no usage limits. Corporate travel services such as airport transfers from hotels, room and meal upgrades, and support for availing GST invoices are provided when business travellers book hotels. Corporate companies can avail the benefit of bulk booking hotels and avail the Input Tax Credit by saving up to 18% of the total travel expenses.


Corporate travel flight

Business travellers can benefit the advantage of free cancellation or changing any flight booking through myBiz. The Input Tax Credit can be availed under the GST scheme as corporate travellers are provided with GST invoices from all the major airlines in the country. myBiz provides the best corporate travel services by offering complimentary on-board meals apart from free selection of airline seats. Business travellers have to pay through the company’s centralised payment wallet that significantly saves the corporate travel expenses. With detailed and transparent report on financial controls of the company, myBiz streamlines the process of corporate travel.

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