Corporate Flight Booking

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Corporate Flight Booking

Business travellers can benefit by booking corporate flights from myBiz as it allows them to make changes in the last minute. myBiz is an online self-booking tool that helps corporate enterprises travel around domestic and international destinations hassle free. 
Business Class Flights 
Prior to the GST regime, business travellers while booking flights had to pay the VAT (value-added tax) as well as the Services Tax. The tax rates for economy and business class fares under the VAT regime were 5.6% and 8.4%, respectively. With the GST implementation, the tax rates differ, based on the different goods and services and they are categorised into 5 tax slabs – 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. The tax rate for economy seats are 5% and the tax rate for business class seats are 12%. Corporate companies can benefit from air travel under the GST regime as travellers on business class and first class seats can benefit by claiming the Input Tax Credit on food items and spare parts among other input services except the fuel charges. The economy class seats will be cheaper but travellers would be able to claim the Input Tax Credit on input services only. 
Low Cost Airlines 
Business travellers in India can also benefit under the GST Regime from the best low cost airline companies such as, Go Air and Air Asia. For retrieving the GST invoice number from Air Asia, a business traveller has to provide the booking number, his/her name and his/her surname. Similarly, to get the GST invoice from GoAir, a business traveller can claim the GST invoice by providing the PNR Number and the place of origin. The process of retrieving the GST invoice varies for the other low cost airlines.
Luxury Travel
All corporate enterprises who are registered under the GST, can book online through myBiz and from the airline company to avail the benefits of the GST regime. Business travellers in India are required to register once for availing the GST invoice from airline companies such as Jet Airways and Air India. 
Before registering on the Jet Airways or the Air India website, business travellers are required to have:
• PAN of the Company and a scanned copy.
• GST information and a scanned copy.
• The Application Reference Number and a scanned copy.
• The address of the company and other contact information.
The business travellers can then log on to the respective websites and provide relevant information. 
Frequent Flyer Programmes
Business travellers can benefit on the first class seats through the frequent flyer programmes of airline companies such as Jet Airways, Air India, etc. The frequent flyer programmes reward their travellers who travel frequently on particular airlines. In Air India, the frequent flying programme is called, Flying Returns where the frequent travellers can take several other benefits of air travelling with its other corporate partners. These corporate partners of Air India are their codeshare partners that include Lufthansa Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Swiss International Airlines and Air Canada among others. 
Similarly, with Jet Airways frequent travellers on their first class flights can become JetPrivilege members and earn JPMiles where the travellers can earn a free ticket to any destination of their choice. First class travellers can also enjoy numerous benefits by earning JPMiles. Frequent travellers on the first class tickets also can enjoy benefits on the codeshare partners of Jet Airways such as Etihad Airways, Alitalia, Emirates, Cathay Dragon, Air France and South African Airways among several other airline companies. 
Corporate Travel Management 
For the corporate business traveller, myBiz provides the best of staff travel management by reducing his/her time and money. myBiz effectively manages the travel expenses of the corporate company.  Earlier, the corporate companies had to book through offline travel agencies before the GST was implemented. As the tax rates of hotels and flights have changed because of the GST implementation, this self-booking online tool -myBiz is able to provide corporate travellers with several options. Now the corporate companies are required to shift to this online medium and only then, they can avail all the benefits of the Goods and Service Tax.  
Under the GST regime, all major airlines provide GST invoices through which the corporate business travellers can avail the Input Tax Credit. Business travellers can take advantage of complimentary on-board meals and free seat selection on all the major airlines. Employees can book flights on myBiz by paying through the centralised company payment wallet.   
The process of booking flights for a corporate company and its staff is streamlined by myBiz. Business travel arrangements for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are made convenient as the myBiz app keeps a comprehensive report on the financial controls of any company. By booking through the myBiz app, business travellers can also save a lot of time with automated approvals.


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