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Corporate Deals

Through myBiz, corporate travellers can make use of this self-booking online tool while planning a business trip. myBiz provides the best of corporate travel management as corporate travellers not only get discounts on flights but also on hotels. Business travellers can cancel their bookings conveniently due to last-minute changes that help the company from incurring losses. myBiz makes it easy for business travellers to book through a varied filtration process on hotels, flights and locations. myBiz is an online tool for corporate travel and it is a part of India’s largest travel company online - MakeMyTrip.


Corporate business traveller

The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute to 70% of corporate trav elling in the country and there are around a million SMEs in the country. Business travellers through myBiz get cheap corporate discounts and the discount coupons do not come with any usage limit. Business travellers can also get the luxury of upgrading their rooms at the hotels. The hotels that are booked through myBiz are equipped with the best venues for conferences and meetings. These venues offer the best of videoconferencing facilities as well as fine business centres that are open 24 hours a day. Apart from that, corporate employees get the best out of their business travel by staying in rooms where there is free internet or free Wi-Fi connectivity along with spacious desks to work from one’s room. myBiz ensures that corporate travellers are comfortable to work from their rooms when they go for business trips. There are free airport transfers for the business travellers to their hotels.

Business travellers can easily find many hotel offers and based on their requirements they can book the hotels. Through myBiz, the business travellers can also take advantage of finding other important information on the hotels. They can choose hotels based on the accommodation of people in conference rooms and the types of seating arrangements available. A business traveller would also get to know if the hotel has a fully equipped fitness centre. Some corporate hotels also provide the business travellers with event managers who can also take care of the catering services. Most luxury corporate hotels have several different types of services such as doctor-on-call and 24-hour butler services. The corporate business travellers also get to know details about the services provided by the budget corporate hotels and find information on whether these hotels provide audiovisual equipment for rent. myBiz allows business travellers can benefit from the budget business hotels by using their travel desks to book tickets or hire cars to travel around the city.


Corporate Travel Management

myBiz becomes an important medium for corporate travel management as it reduces the amount of time and money for the corporate business traveller. Rather than finding the best deals and offers by oneself, myBiz finds the best deal for managing the travel expenses of the corporate company. Prior to the implementation of the GST regime, corporate companies had to book mostly through offline sources. Corporate travelling constituted most of the company’s expenditure. myBiz, an online self-booking tool provides plenty of flexible options due to the GST implementation, as the tax brackets for hotels and flights have changed. However, corporate companies are required to shift to the online system to get all the benefits of the Goods and Service Tax.
Corporate business travellers can avail the Input Tax Credit under the GST scheme by getting GST invoices from the airlines. When corporate travellers book through myBiz, they are provided with complimentary on-flight meals. They also get to select their seats on all airlines free. The corporate travel expenses are minimised largely as employees have to book through the centralised company payment wallet. myBiz suitably streamlines the process for the corporate company and its employee. This largely helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for making business travel arrangements. The myBiz app provides a detailed and transparent report on financial controls of the company and business travellers can save plenty of time on approvals as they are automated.
However, it is important that the corporate employees are registered under GST. If the business traveller is not registered under GST, he/she will not be able to claim the credit on hotels and flights.


Corporate travel expenses

Corporate travellers can get discounts on 2000 hotels in the country. There are about 20000 companies who are registered to myBiz and about 4000 companies have been able to save over Rs. 5 crores on business travelling through the myBiz app. Corporate employees can conveniently make enquiries about their flight and/or hotel bookings through the employee helpdesk that is available throughout the day. Corporate companies have been save about 20% on flight tickets apart from getting other corporate benefits.


Corporate Coupon Code

Business travellers when booking through myBiz or MakeMyTrip can avail other discounts and offers through coupon codes. These promo codes are available for both international and domestic destinations. Corporate business travellers, through the myBiz app also get updates on new offers, discounts through newsletters. Through the myBiz app, business travellers get discounts on both the luxury corporate hotels as well as on the budget ones.

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