New Delhi Bengaluru Corporate Flights

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New Delhi to Bangalore Corporate Air Tickets

Bengaluru, being the IT hub of the country, attracts numerous business travellers from all across the world. Business travellers can get exclusive deals and discounts on booking their business flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru through myBiz. The major advantages of making bulk reservations are:


1) Reduced flight fares in booking the New Delhi to Bengaluru corporate flights in comparison to individual flight bookings.

2) Part payments of flight fare can be made by travellers who choose to make bulk bookings of business flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru.

3) Passengers can submit or confirm the travellers’ names seven to 10 days prior to the departure date.

4) Most of the leading airlines have introduced frequent-flyer programmes to reward the regular flying business travellers with special offers and discounts.

5) Own meals can be requested with some airlines when a bulk booking is done.

6) The GST invoice provided by all the major airlines in India allows passengers to claim Input Tax credit and thus save more on the B2B New Delhi to Bengaluru flights.

7) The business travellers can receive complimentary on-board meals and request for reserving their preferred seats in the aircraft upon obtaining the GST invoice.

8) Business travellers are able claim the Input Tax Credit on food items except the fuel surcharges with the GST invoices.


Corporate Flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru


It is extremely beneficial and valuable to obtain the GST invoice for booking corporate flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru. For the invoice, the business travellers are required to have the following:

1) PAN information of the company.

2) GST information.

3) Application reference number.

4) The company’s address and contact information.


Business travellers can receive ample benefits by booking New Delhi-to-Bengaluru business flights through myBiz as:


1) This platform provides a secure and user-friendly interface to the business travellers, allowing them to save time and effort.

2) Passengers making bookings through this platform can easily cancel and reschedule their flights.

3) The process of booking through this platform is extremely uncomplicated and therefore maximum users can adopt this smart way of booking tickets online.

4) Employees who wish to save on their traveling expenses can use the centralised company payment wallets to make the payments through myBiz.

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