Kolkata New Delhi Corporate Flights

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Kolkata to New Delhi Corporate Air Tickets

Corporate travellers who intend to book business flights from Kolkata to New Delhi can avail numerous benefits by using myBiz for their booking. A few of these benefits include -


1) Become a part of frequent flyer programs offered by most of the major airlines, as you can collect loyalty points and miles, which can be encashed later on.


2) Business travellers can obtain complimentary meals when they avail book various business flights from Kolkata to New Delhi, at lower prices and discounts. GST invoice can also be used for discounted food products.


3) Corporate firms can utilize the benefits of Input Tax Credit on the GST invoice of B2B Kolkata to New Delhi flights. The invoice can also be used by corporate travellers to get complimentary on-board meals, preferred seat for free on Kolkata to New Delhi business flight, and claim the credit on food items, excluding fuel surcharges.


4) If you have organized business meetings well in advance and would like to make bulk flight bookings for the same, even without providing traveller details, the booking can be completed. Traveller details can be provided at a later date, at least 7-10 days prior to departure.


Corporate Flights from Kolkata to New Delhi


Firms that intend to avail the Input Tax Credit benefits of GST invoice when booking corporate flights from Kolkata to New Delhi have to provide the following details while booking –


1) GST details and PAN information of the organization


2) Contact information of the company


3) Address of the company


4) Application reference number


By using myBiz to complete the booking of Kolkata to New Delhi business flights, corporate fliers can avail various benefits, including –


1) Fuss-free instant approval system for a smooth flight booking experience.


2) Simplified payment through central corporate wallet.


3) A few airlines offer bulk corporate booking, without having to make the complete payment for multiple seats.


4) Avail exclusive offers and deals using the frequent flyer programs on major Indian airlines.


5) Obtain cost savings on last-minute cancellations and modifications.

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